The Glyndon Guys Podcast is a comedy podcast produced by me and published via my CBR Network label. It is co-hosted by headwriter Matt Clark and Rick Atkinson. I am the producer, audio engineer, and also an on-air personality. I decided it was about time I chronicle the development of a CBR show, so people truly realize the depth of work that goes into them.
I can't say enough about the talents of Matt and Rick, and the combination of both hard work and luck that led me to them. The method by which Matt outlines our sessions, as well as taps into an infinite memory bank of relevancy, is like nothing I've seen.
Circumstances allow me to put more effort and style into post-production than I have with any prior podcast on my label. It is almost painful to decide what footage stays and what goes from each episode. However, I believe in keeping episode lengths manageable for our listeners. I love to create a flow, and I take pride in the level of audio quality we maintain.
This show represents my finest producerial effort to date in many respects. Unless otherwise specified, you can assume all blood, sweat, and tears are mine.
iTunes - New episodes are published to iTunes. The schedule has been somewhat irregular while we get going. Once we achieve a certain degree of development, the hope is to release a new episode weekly.
Libsyn - I originally hosted the audio files on Amazon S3, manually maintained the feed on my primary domain, and used S3Stat for analytics. Suffice to say, I have a solid understanding of what goes on under the hood. Recently, I migrated us to Libsyn for an easier publication process and better reporting. I desire to spend as much time as I can on production these days.
Being the digital generalist I am, with a background in corporate IT management and application development, I also love to ravenously analyze statistics. I desire to know the habits of my audience from all possible aspects, and I'm also just a huge dork.
SoundCloud - As older episodes pass their peak, I post them to the CBR Network SoundCloud. The hope is to put the hooks into users who find us there, so they will come subscribe to our feed for the latest and greatest. I'm debating the usefulness of that strategy and may throw them all up there soon. Take a listen below!
WARNING! Irreverence and expletives contained within. We definitely love to mix feigned comedic ignorance with sharp East Coast wit to highlight a "live and let live" kind of point. We try not to be gratuitous, but.. it happens.
Our recording software / DAW of choice for this project is Adobe Audition CC. I especially enjoy the variety of visual tools Audition offers for both monitoring and editing.
Pretty groovy intro above, yes? If you agree.. know that I coordinated the assets, wrote the script, and asked one of CBR's rockin' voice-over / producer guys, James Allen, to work his incredible magic from there. The uber funky music was composed and performed by Jason Levine. I also use clips of the music to segment the show. It keeps the episodes moving and provides the very cohesive overall style. There are two more intro scripts along these lines so far, and I rotate them from episode to episode. I know.. that's not normal protocol, but we're not normal. And it works. I'm quite happy with all of it.
With several recording sessions behind us, we didn't want to wait much longer to figure out a logo. So, I took matters into my own hands. Shown above is the branding for The Glyndon Guys Pocast, Season One. 

I was finally able to commission a talented illustrator, Tarja Petrell, to make our current awesome artwork!
This video shows us in action on the set. You'll get to know us a little better in all respects. For in-depth details on the making of the video, which involved healthy doses of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC, visit its project here on Behance
Facebook Fan Page - This seems to be the preferred social medium of our listeners to date. Why not give us a "LIKE"? We'd love to have you along for the ride.

Twitter and Periscope - A Twitter account is still a must. At least the big news, such as episode releases, should be available on Twitter. We once live tweeted the roast of Don Rickles for a few laughs. Follow @GlyndonGuys there and on Periscope. We've been known to pop on Periscope now and again to live stream from behind-the-scenes.

Instagram - This account is just getting rolling. But, there are already a number of short promotional videos and graphics there. Follow @GlyndonGuys
There is, of course, a show page for this production on the CBR Network website. (Add the CodeBass Radio stream info in here.)


Liking what you see? Come grow with us! Subscribe via iTunes, and leave a review. Let us know what you like and don't. A few moments to you means the world to us! 
​Check back, as I'll continue to document our development and add all sorts of behind-the-scenes geeky details. 
Photos from our first few recording sessions.
TODO: Put a group of viewfinder campaign assets up here, and get social media video into a YT playlist.
"Glyndon Guys Podcast: Raising the bar on technical quality while lowering the standards of comedy." ;)
Come get a light take on the heavy topics...

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