Rio Nido Lodge, Restoration and Retouch

Photo restoration and retouch project.

The primary objective in this photo restoration / retouch project was to "get rid of random guy." No offense to random guy, but my client wanted the lodge to be the focus of this awesome piece of photographic nostalgia. This picture of Rio Nido Lodge was captured in the 1960s.
Here is the "after", followed by the "before". If you click one of the photos to enlarge it, you can toggle between the two to better see the differences.
Below is the original scan that was provided to me by my client. In addition to removing random guy, I cleaned up some scratches and specks from the surface of the photograph. I also straightened it up and put some color grading to it. I cleaned up a major stain or two on the building structure, but I was very careful not to spoil the natural, charming effects that time has had on Rio Nido Lodge!

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