Adobe Channel One-Year Retrospective Reel
A short video reel to demonstrate the many talents of Adobe Channel streamers and all the channel has to offer; released to celebrate its one-year anniversary!
30-Second Stream Reel
Clips from some of my 2016 live streams.
The Glyndon Guys Podcast - Video Promos
A 60-second video promotion for The Glyndon Guys Podcast. A template for future episode releases.
Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2014
Created as official Media Sponsor for the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2014. Inspired by the Adobe Lights wall that is part of the Adobe Logo Remix project.
A Sound Of Thunder - Behind The Scenes Video
A behind the scenes video about the making of The Lesser Key Of Solomon, a new album by A Sound Of Thunder!
CodeBass Radio Extra
Audio interviews converted to a monster multimedia slide show in record time. "Stop the clock!"
Behance Portfolio Review Week in 40 Seconds
Behance Portfolio Review Week events are casual, grass-roots gatherings where creatives of all kinds can get feedback on their work and connect with other creatives in the local community. This is a promotional video for Baltimore Week 6.
Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2015
Promotional reel created as official Media Sponsor for the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2015.
John Tole's Waiting To Go Up
A video series collaboration with John Tole, the Slayer of Comedy!
The Glyndon Guys Podcast - The Producer's Chronicle
Chronicling the development of a rather humorous, quirky new podcast laced with but not reliant upon naughty words and adult topics.
Rio Nido Lodge, Restoration and Retouch
Photo restoration and retouch project.
Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2013
CodeBass Radio is official Media Partner for the first Adobe ColdFusion Summit. Video produced by Vicky Ryder, using Adobe After Effects. Voice-Over / Audio production by James Allen. Music from Jason Levine's Adobe Audition catalog. Logo assets provided by Adobe.
A Sound Of Thunder - Press Photography
Press photography gig for "A Sound Of Thunder" when they opened for Iced Earth on 4/21/2014.
Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2016
Each year, Adobe calls upon me to make a promo for their annual ColdFusion Summit. Here is the 4th annual promo! Each year, I challenge myself to work in something new. My major goal for this one was to improve my understanding of 2.5D techniques. This is 2.5D with faux 3D text.
Disrupt The Illusion Promo v1
This is a 30-second promotional video for the "Disrupt the Illusion" podcast. I have been creating shorter promotional segments for insertion into a weekly video series I produce for comedian John Tole called "Waiting to Go Up". These segments have morphed into a "best clip of the week" format. The first clip provided for this purpose doubled as very suitable audio for this stand-alone promo. Video produced by Vicky Ryder, using Adobe After Effects. Music from Jason Levine's Adobe Audition catalog. Logo image created by Podaholics. Disrupt The Illusion is brought to you by Paul E. Hendricks, Ray Combs Jr., and John Tole via the Podaholics Comedy Network.
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