This video series is an evolving collaboration with stand-up comedian John Tole, AKA "The Slayer of Comedy".
John is an awesome guy to work with, and we really work well together when you consider that most of our communication is via text with spare moments from various green rooms and gigs. Beyond the day we met, our travel scheidules never once saw us in the same timezone, let alone the same city. We make the most of online collaboration utilities.
Each episode is comprised of a series of selfies and footage John collects along his comedy route and drops to me at scheduled intervals. For portfolio purposes, I feature two short & sweet videos that demo both John's stand-up comedy, as well as some things I did with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
Waiting To Go Up - Revamp
This is a clip of John "working clean". Though he is traditionally hilariously irreverent, John needed an "all audiences" reel. This episode marks the beginning of a new direction in style. Up against the advent of Vine, Instagram, etc., the episodes became shorter in length. As such, the longer intro with which we began the series had to be scrapped.
Generally, these days, I blend series and episode titles in with the new media from show to show.  Even the intro featured here would be too long for what's come to be known as vlog episodes. However, it serves nicely to demonstrate some of my capabilities. Just before the outtro, we slipped in a promo for one of John's podcasts which actually exists as a separate project in this same portfolio.
The intro is 5 seconds long, and the outtro begins at 3:44. 
Waiting To Go Up - First Version
WARNING. This clip contains expletives and. considering it centers around the fact that someone found John's routine offensive, you might find it offensive. It currently stands at 3496 views and 25 "likes". Make of that what you will. The intention was to put some 3D polish to the theme, but we scrapped it before we got there.
The intro is 15 seconds long, and the outtro begins at 5:00.  
If you like the comedy featured here, you can check John's tour schedule at as well as subscribe to any of several podcasts he produces. If you see him, drop my name. Who knows.. maybe he'll let you buy him a drink. ;)

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