Producer's Notes:
I created this promotional reel for my 3rd year as the official Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2015 Media Partner. This year, Adobe concentrated most conference promotion to their Facebook page. However, the video also once again resides within the Adobe ColdFusion YouTube channel

Producer: Vicky Ryder
Voice-over: CFHour Podcast
The video concept was inspired by the recent addition of Adobe Stock to Adobe's Creative Cloud offerings. Each speaker represented in the video was asked to pick a spirit animal from Adobe Stock which I then added to a library accessible from Adobe After Effects. This allowed for some extra promotion on social media, as I discussed the spirit animal concept with participants in the video's planning phase. As Adobe Stock had just been announced, it was hot news at the time of this video's production. The ability to cross-promote the Adobe ColdFusion Summit with Adobe Stock gave us a little more visibility. (I did similar last year, leveraging the Adobe Remix project.)
The above is a screen shot of the project inside After Effects. You can see my library of visual assets on the right. 
The ColdFusion Summit design assets were provided by the Adobe ColdFusion team. I chose the music from an Adobe Audition Music Loops and Beds bundle.

To create the background effect required both a paste-up of actual ColdFusion code, as well as a visual effect from That Studio Effects. The script was read by Dave Ferguson and Scott Stroz of CFHour Podcast

For fun, I had challenged myself to create the entire video from Adobe provided assets. Ultimately, I had to deviate from the plan for the sake of completeness.. but it was still a lot of fun!
Some related Facebook and Twitter social media promotion.
Fun photos of me with some Adobe staff (Kishore Balakrishnan) and conference speakers (Tim Cunningham, Nolan Erck).

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