Producer's Notes:
As official Media Partner for the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2014, I created this promotional video which was published to the Adobe ColdFusion YouTube channel on 9/24/2014. 

Voice & Audio: James Allen
Music: Jason Levin
The video concept was inspired by the Adobe Lights wall created by GS&P BETA Group for the Adobe Logo Remix project. I thought it would be cool to "take control" of that most impressive wall, now found in the lobby of Adobe's headquarters, and leave behind some ColdFusion graffiti.

My fascination with the Adobe Logo Remix project has caused me to curate a few of the projects into my ongoing "Adobe Themed" Behance collection. Additionally, after Jason Levine and Terry White were posting photos of the wall to Instagram one day, I started keeping an eye on the #adoberemix hash tag found there. In fact, Jason kindly provided me with a set of photos from that day, so that I could use one as a model. 

While it's obvious by this point that I didn't manipulate the wall's lights in reality, it actually is controlled remotely via Arduino and other trickery. The colors are determined by singular pixels on workstations of artists in various remote locations. The brainpower and work that went into this project cannot accurately be summarized. I recommend visiting GS&P BETA Group's Behance project, where you can also see the wall in action. It is an amazing piece of work in both mechanics and ideology. 
The aforementioned Instagram photos. That's Paul Trani captured in mid-air. Now you know what Adobe Evangelists do on their breaks. They certainly don't cease creativity!
The photo on the left was the one best suited for my purposes. The version on the right is the result of my best effort to straighten it out with the incredibly useful Adobe Photoshop Perspective Crop tool.
A screenshot of the Light Cycle composition from my Adobe After Effects project. This is the comp that represents the wall's transitions from logo to logo / red to white. The compositions within it are the logo animations.
Above and below are various layer exports from the Adobe Photoshop PSD file in which I created the layouts for the wall's various states.

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