Producer's Notes:
Created this behind-the-scenes production for A Sound Of Thunder using footage and assets collected throughout the making of their album, "A Lesser Key Of Solomon."  The band published the video to their YouTube channel on the day of the album's release.
The video contains footage and stills taken by me, and also material contributed by fans and band members. The band provided me with logo assets, as well as animatics and clips from their Udoroth animated video. The branded intro was also provided by the band. All other motion graphics were created by me.
For further information, visit the following projects and WIPs:
The version of the "Udoroth" track used in this video was provided to Kickstarter contributors as an early treat. To hear the album version, check out the animated video. It is seriously awesome!
Trivia: A Lesser Key Of Solomon is the second album funded by A Sound Of Thunder fans via Kickstarter. Click here to view their Kickstarter profile.

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